Almost Done

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Feb 012013

The predicted cold front arrived yesterday, right on schedule, and I spent the day working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. Except for a couple of last minute details, it’s finished, and I’ll be uploading it to our printer’s web server later today. They’ll go through it again to check for any problems […]

Warming Up

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Jan 102013

After weeks of cold weather here in central Florida, it warmed up considerably yesterday, with a high of 82 degrees. And it looks like we’ll be in the low 80s for the next few days. That’s nice. Well, nice except for the fact that the warmer it gets, the more stink bugs crawl out of […]

Jan 132012

We crossed something off our bucket list yesterday, and made memories that will stay with us forever! For years we have wanted to paddle our kayaks at Three Sister Springs in Crystal River. Every year, manatee come into the river and hang out in the warmer water from mid-November until late March. We launched our […]