Sep 092014

It’s no secret that I love books, both reading and writing them. Even with the wealth of knowledge available on the internet, there are still a lot of great RVing books that should be on your bookshelf, or in Kindle. And even with a gazillion apps for RVers, there are times when you can’t get […]

Feb 142012

Thank you to everybody who e-mailed or left blog comments telling me to get well soon and expressing concern for my health. I think it is just a really nasty cold that has its grip on me. The good news is, yesterday I was feeling somewhat better and got a lot accomplished in the new […]

Nov 192011

The other day I wrote a blog about Tech Toys For Gadget Boys, suggesting some neat high tech things that would make great Christmas gifts. Yesterday a blog reader told me that I either had to stop writing blogs like that or she had to stop reading, because thanks to me, she has a Kindle, […]