Feb 152016

I’m still dealing with the crud so we didn’t do much of anything yesterday. Two different couples asked us to go with them to dinner but I didn’t want to go out and expose the whole world to this cold, and didn’t feel much like socializing anyway. In the early afternoon a fellow named Gordon, […]

Oct 022010

Yesterday was a very frustrating day for me. As you may know, I am into genealogy, and the National Archives in Washington D.C. is the repository for a tremendous amount of information about our country and our people. Among the things to be found at the Archives are the original Civil War pension files for […]

Apr 102009

I must be the world’s best father and grandfather. Many of you know the mantra I live by: “If it snows, Nick goes.” But we had snow here in Show Low Wednesday night, and I’m still here. I tell you, that daughter and those beautiful little granddaughters of mine sure have me hooked. Fortunately, we […]