Are We Still Here?

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Dec 212012

I almost didn’t write a blog for today. I figured if the world was ending, what’s the point? And did I really want to spend part of the last hours left to this world sitting at the computer? But since I didn’t want to miss a day, just in case, and because if the world […]

Dec 042012

Now that we’ve got the new issue of the Gypsy Journal finished and shipped off to the printer, it’s time to get back to the fun stuff. It’s a lucky man who considers his work “fun stuff.” Between proofing the paper as I was working on it, Miss Terry was also proofing a new book, […]

A Serious Case Of Lazy

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Nov 042012

Yesterday I came down with a serious case of lazy and did not accomplish one thing all day long. And I don’t even feel guilty about it! There were a lot of things that I should have been doing, including working on my new Big Lake  book, but I just couldn’t get myself motivated. I […]