Bring Nick Russell To Your Campground, Dealership, Or RV Event!

Nick is a popular and dynamic speaker, and has presented seminars at campgrounds, RV rallies and special events across the country. His programs are a blend of useful travel and RV information interspersed with humor that leaves the audience begging for more!

Among the venues where Nick has appeared are Life on Wheels, Escapees RV Club Spring and Fall Escapades, Escapees chapter rallies, FMCA rallies, Hensley Hitch Rally, Gypsy Journal rallies, Good Sam Club rallies, Encore RV Parks, for veterans groups, and more. Nick can provide your next event with a professional program that is guaranteed to make it a hit!

Campground owners and activity directors – Learn how you may be able to schedule Nick Russell at your park for free!

Some of Nick’s popular seminars include:

Highway History and Back Road Mystery — There is adventure awaiting you just off the interstate! Come along with fulltime RVer and travel author Nick Russell to explore interesting historical sites and puzzling mysteries you will never hear about in the tourist brochures, including the tale of a West Virginia ghost that helped convict a murderer, the Oklahoma outlaw that was more famous dead than alive, the mystery of who is buried in Daniel Boone’s tomb, the story of a lady spy from the Civil War and more! This is a fun and interesting class for all RVers, no matter what their experience level.

RVing with a Goal — Okay, you’ve visited the grandkids and that long-lost cousin, you’ve seen Mount Rushmore, and you’ve been to Branson. Now what? Your RV is your ticket to a lifetime of adventure, tailored to meet your own special interests. Learn about goal-oriented RVing in this seminar, which discusses the many hobbies and special interests that go hand-in-hand with the RV lifestyle. Some RVers make it a point to follow every major Old West trail or historic route, others explore old Civil War battlefields, some want to visit every president’s grave or birthplace, while others use their RVs to follow the square dance or bluegrass circuit. Whatever your goal or special interest, your RV can take you there. This is a fun and interesting class for all RVers, no matter what your experience level.

Meandering Down the Highway — Discover how Nick and his wife Terry made the transition from workaholics in their former lives to becoming working fulltime RVers. Included are the topics all new RVers want to know: how to get mail, where to spend holidays, where to register vehicles, what about the family and friends left behind? This seminar also touches on what happened when, eighteen months into their fulltime adventures, Terry was stricken with advanced cervical cancer and told her chances of survival were low. Fortunately she managed a complete recovery. Hear how being able to travel and seek the best medical help played a major role in her survival. Lots of useful information here to help new fulltimers get started, as well experiences seasoned RVers can relate to.

Be a Smart RV Shopper — You can avoid the mistakes so many new RV shoppers make! Learn how to do your homework to identify your needs in an RV before going to an RV dealership; see how to use the Internet to research a model or style of RV that works for your lifestyle; discover how to control the sales situation so you find and purchase the RV that is right for you, not what the salesman gets the most commission on; know what to look for in an RV and what equipment is beneficial to fulltimers, as well as the options that are “fluff”; learn what to look out for in a used RV (signs of previous problems, owner neglect, etc.); buying from private owners, how to find RVs for sale by private owners, how to handle financing, etc. are all covered in this seminar that will save you time and money!

Considerations in Choosing A Home Base for Fulltimers — The domicile you choose for your home base as a fulltimer may affect your income, taxes, RV licenses, drivers license, voting rights, insurance, etc. One size does not fit all! Every person’s requirements will be different. The state with the lowest vehicle registration fees may not be the best selection overall! Learn about address requirements and legal implications, available mail forwarding services, and vehicle inspection requirements. Hear the advantages and disadvantages of the more popular states and learn what questions you have to ask before you settle on the best state for your needs.

Fulltiming FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) — Are you a fulltimer if you still have a house but don’t live in it? How do you get your mail? What are the best cellular telephone plans for fulltimers? What roadside service plans are best for fulltime RVers? Which is better for fulltime use, a motorhome, travel trailer, or a 5th wheel trailer? Can I still get satellite TV when I’m on the road, including the local networks? Are campground memberships a good investment for fulltimers? These are just a few of the questions that all new fulltimers ask. Nick Russell answers these and many other common questions in this fun seminar for newbies and wannabes, and leaves plenty of time for questions from the class.

Work Your Way Across the USA — Learn about working in RV parks, theme parks, campground map sales, and popular seasonal tourist areas such as Branson, Missouri and Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Hear about small business ideas that fit into the RV lifestyle, including vending at RV rallies, swap meet vending, providing services to other RVers such as repairing RVs, painting murals on rigs, etc. Seasonal work is also covered, such as selling pumpkins at Halloween, Christmas tree sales, working fireworks stands for the 4th of July, hiring on at retail stores for the holiday rush, etc. Time for Q & A when class attendees can share ideas to make money while traveling. This is a valuable class for newbies and experienced RVers alike who want to earn money as they travel.

The Frugal RVer — Yes, you can enjoy the RV lifestyle on a budget. The Russells keep very careful records; their overnight parking costs average well under $5 a night. This seminar discusses ways both experienced RVers and newcomers can save money on camping costs, travel expenses, vehicle maintenance, groceries, and entertainment. No matter what your budget is, we can all appreciate saving a buck or two!

The Reluctant RVer — Cold feet? Last minute jitters? Second thoughts? Have we gone totally insane? What have we gotten ourselves into? These are all questions most soon-to-be and new fulltimers ask themselves at one point or another. It’s natural to feel this way when we make the decision to sell everything we own, leave our family and friends, and go off wandering around the country in an RV. You’re not alone! Learn how to deal with these feelings and go on to enjoy a happy and successful RV lifestyle!

Boondocking Tips & Techniques, Living Well Off The Grid -Boondocking does not have to be “roughing it!” One can live quite comfortably without being in a campground all the time. Nick and Terry Russell are experienced boondockers, who have spent as much as 7 months at one time without the benefit of RV hookups. In that time they built cabinets for their bus conversion, published three issues of their RV newspaper, and two books, all while living and working off just their RV’s systems! If you want to cut that campground umbilical cord, this class will show you how!

Successful Self-Publishing – Nick is the New York Times bestselling author of the popular Big Lake mystery series, as well as many travel and RV books. He can show you how to produce and market everything from printed an e-books to audiobooks without all the hype and unnecessary expense traps that so many authors fall into.

Publishing For Profit – There is a revolution going on in the publishing industry and many self-pubished authors are reaping the profits of the rise of Print on Demand and e-book technology by detouring around the agents, publishing houses, and rejection  letters that once held them back. Learn how you can create your own small publishing business and make a comfortable income right from your home!

To contact Nick to discuss having him at your campground or RV event, send an e-mail to or write to Nick Russell, Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper, 1400 Colorado Street #C-16, Boulder City, Nevada 89005.

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