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Frugal Vs Foolish

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Sep 042015

Is it worth it? I can’t tell you how many times I get this question from both new and experienced RVers.

Our tires are eight years old but have lots of tread left and don’t have any cracks. Is it really worth buying new tires?

Are the expensive fire extinguishers, refrigerator compartment, or engine compartment fire suppression units Mac McCoy sells really worth it?

Engine unit installed 2

Our motorhome (or truck) is only a year old. Is emergency roadside service really worth it?

You recommended Chris Yust at C&C Insurance, but I got a quote from XYZ Insurance Company that was $32 cheaper a year. Is it worth paying the extra money?

As I wrote a few months ago in a blog titled How Much Is Your Life Worth?, only you can decide when “saving” money is frugal or foolish. Safe tires, or good roadside service, or proper RV fire extinguishers, or having an insurance agent who looks at all of your needs and advises you on the coverage you need under all circumstances you might encounter is kind of like a gun for self-defense. You never need any of them until you REALLY need them! And when you do, those paltry few bucks you may have saved by cutting corners are nothing compared to what you stand to lose.

A good example is emergency roadside service. Several companies, including Good Sam and Coach-Net, provide excellent coverage for very reasonable rates. We have had Coach-Net for over 12 years and have called on them several times when we were having mechanical problems. They have always come through for us.

I don’t know the exact figure off the top of my head, but we pay somewhere around $120 a year. Many years ago we had a wheel cylinder fail on our bus conversion when we were in Pennsylvania. We were in a rest area and there was a truck stop less than a mile away. When the tow truck got us there, I asked the driver what it would have cost us out of pocket without Coach-Net. He said $750. So yeah, it’s worth it.

bus on hook 7

As are quality fire extinguishers, good tires, an insurance agent you can trust who knows and lives the RV lifestyle, and all of the other things that you really don’t think you need until the excrement encounters the oscillating device. That’s when you discover whether you’ve been frugal or foolish.

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Are you in the mood for reading a good romance? My pal Suzie O’Connell recently released Once Burned,  another great book in her popular Northstar Romances series, and it’s already getting excellent reviews. Suzie is a gifted young author and I’ve watched her career skyrocket in the last couple of years.

Or, if you’d prefer a mystery with lots of action and intrigue, check out Errant Knight by my good friend George Wier. George is a writing machine and his list of books and accomplishments is just amazing. My only hesitation in recommending his books is that you may find a new favorite mystery author, and where does that leave me? The man is good!

Thought For The Day – Be yourself is about the worst advice you can give some people.

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