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Mar 012015

We once met a couple at the Escapees Rainbows End RV Park in Livingston, Texas who told us that after a year of fulltiming they were going home because they had seen it all and done it all and there was nothing left to do.

They said they had been from border to border and ocean to ocean. And that included going to Alaska! The husband said they left their daughter’s house in Seattle on June 1st and were back in her driveway July 4th. “We never saw an animal all the way up and back,” he added. “But we about destroyed our motorhome and toad.” The list of damages included, as I recall, broken windshields, tire blowouts, and a broken axle. No wonder they didn’t see any animals at the speed they must have been traveling.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t see all of New Jersey in a year. Everywhere you go in America there is more to see and do than you’ll ever live long enough to get around to. I know, because we’ve tried!

From the hauntingly beautiful Hudson River Valley to the wild shores of Oregon and the white sands of the Mississippi coast, you really have to work at being bored when you travel in an RV.

Coastal view 5

Some of our best RV adventures have been when we left the main highways behind us and went exploring the side roads and small towns in search of the overlooked treasures that most people never even hear about. How do we find these hidden gems? By asking people in the places we visit, by internet research, and by reading local interest books. A good place for you to start is our weekly Overlooked America series in this blog. Each week we feature a different state and tell you about the places the tourist brochures usually ignore. Here is a link to our latest installment, Overlooked Colorado.

You could make a career out of just trying to visit and experience all of our National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites alone. Click any state on this map supplied by the National Park Service and you’ll find enough to keep you busy for months.

The other day my pal Donna McNicol posted this link to the 20 least visited Western National Parks Units. I’ve lived in the West for most of my life and I’ve only been to three or four of them. I guess I’d better get busy!

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Thought For The Day – We may all be on the way to the nursing home, but there’s no reason we can’t take the scenic route.

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