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A Trip To The Ship

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Jul 292016

With the big vintage RV rally here at Elkhart Campground this week, when our friends Ron and Brenda Speidel came to town there were no sites available. No problem, they found one at the Shipshewana North Park Campground, a short drive east of us in Shipshewana.

For those not familiar with this part of northern Indiana, Shipshewana (which many folks call Ship) is the hub of Amish activity in this area. The countryside is dotted with tidy Amish farms and businesses. Driving around here, you’re going to pass lots of horse-drawn buggies and wagons, which is always interesting to see.

Ron and Brenda recently bought a beautiful19 foot Airstream travel trailer, something Ron has wanted for as long as I’ve known him, and we wanted to see it. So yesterday afternoon we took a drive out there.

Ron Brenda Airstream

It may look small on the outside, but Terry and I were both amazed at how well laid out it is inside. The folks at Airstream have been making RVs for a long, long time and they know how to do it right.

While we were at the campground visiting with Ron and Brenda, a couple of Amish kids came by on a cart pulled by a pony. They were selling peaches, jams and jellies, and sugar cookies. We made the little entrepreneurs a few bucks richer and they thanked us politely and were on their way to their next stop. I have a feeling they did pretty well, because it looked like everybody in the campground bought something from them.

Amish kids vendors

Amish kids cart

A little later we went into town to have dinner at the Blue Gate Restaurant, an Amish landmark. Besides excellent food and a music hall, they have a gift shop and some other vendors there.

Blue gate

Here are Brenda, Ron, and Miss Terry before we went in to eat.

Brenda Ron Terry

Shipshewana is almost like an Amish theme park. They have a big weekly flea market, where most of the products are made in China, an auction hall, an excellent bulk food store, cheese shops, all kinds of interesting little stores, and you can even take a ride in an Amish buggy.

And they have flowers planted everywhere.

Flower Wagon

Shipshewana is also home to the excellent Menno-Hof Center, where visitors can learn about the faith and life of the Amish and Mennonites. If you are ever in this area make time to stop in and check it out.

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Thought For The Day – Those who are offended by everything are of no consequence. Those who are offended by nothing are dangerous.

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