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The Last Hurrah

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Aug 302014

Labor Day weekend – the last hurrah for most weekend warriors and camping families for the year. Kids are back in school or headed there, and for us fulltimers things will start to quiet down. So even though it’s crazy here at Gettysburg Farm RV Resort, with kids everywhere and smoky campfires, that’s okay. It will all be over soon.

Yesterday we had a visit from subscribers Bob and Michelle Hazlett, who are workamping at a campground in Milton, Pennsylvania, a couple of hours north of us. They wanted to check out a Thousand Trails membership and I urged them to look into a used one. We got ours for free from somebody who just wanted out of it. All we had to do was pay the transfer fee. I’ve also helped three or four friends find a free or very low cost used membership. Check out the Escapees forum or other RV forums and be patient. They’re out there.

After Bob and Michelle left, we made a quick trip to the post office in East Berlin to mail out an order and then went to Mannings for one last yarn shopping adventure. Terry got four more cones of the tencel yarn she loves weaving with so much, in various colors, and told me she has several more projects she’s planning.

From there we drove into York and had dinner at Shangrila, the Chinese restaurant we discovered a week ago, and it was just as delicious as the first time around. After that we stopped at WalMart because I just hate having money in my bank account and that’s always an easy place to blow a hundred bucks or so. Then it was home for a quiet night of TV and internet surfing.

Today we plan to just hang out at home. I want to get some more work done on my next book and Terry said her paperwork is starting to pile up again so it’s time to tackle that. I swear it multiples overnight.

A lot of you have been clicking our Shop Amazon link at the top of the page and doing your online shopping through us. Every time you do that and make a purchase we earn a small commission, and at the end of the month, those pennies add up to enough to help us continue doing what we do, which is bringing you entertainment and information you can use in the daily blog and the Gypsy Journal.

Here’s a product on Amazon that we swear by. Even when we’re in a park with low water pressure or running off our water pump, the Oxygenics shower head gives us plenty of pressure for a good shower. Every RVer I know who has one loves it!


There is still time to enter this week’s Free Drawing for an audiobook of The The Package: Book One by my friend Cleve Sylcox. It’s a classic detective noir short story featuring a hardnosed private eye, a shady lawyer, a femme fatale, and a whole lot of trouble. To enter, all you have to do is click on the Free Drawing link or the tab at the top of this page and enter your name in the comments section at the bottom of that page (not this one). Only one entry per person per drawing please, and you must enter with your real name. To prevent spam or multiple entries, the names of cartoon or movie characters are not allowed. The winner will be drawn Sunday evening.


And finally, to start your weekend off with a laugh, watch this video and tell me you don’t know a drama queen or two who could use this magical stuff. If you don’t get a chuckle out of this have somebody call the undertaker, because you must be dead.

Thought For The Day – A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.

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A Day To Play

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Aug 292014

I love my job and I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing with my life. In fact, sometimes I think that sooner or later Big Brother is going to decide that it’s just not right for anyone to have that much fun, and get paid for it too, and come and get me [...]

A Lot Of Tractors

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Aug 282014

While Terry and I don’t miss the hectic schedule we had to keep to make them happen, or all of the work of putting on our RV rallies, we do miss seeing so many of our good friends whom we could count on showing up at every rally. It was like a big family reunion. [...]

Aug 272014

It took longer than usual but my new book, Big Lake Scandal is finally available for purchase on Amazon. Usually it takes about twelve hours for a book to go live once I upload it, but it was closer to 24 hours this time around. Surprisingly, the Nook version of the book was available much [...]

It’s On Its Way!

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Aug 262014

After hauling a truckload of bins full of stuffed envelopes to the small post office in East Berlin yesterday, we made a short trip to Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center so Terry could pick up some extra spools of the tencel yarn she loves to weave with so much. Carol Woolcock, the shop’s owner, [...]

Aug 252014

Yesterday was a very good day in more ways than one. I was really sick Saturday night, so just waking up and seeing the light of day was a good way to start things off. Especially when I looked over and saw Miss Terry there beside me in bed. It just doesn’t get much better [...]

Aug 242014

It started raining a little after midnight and continued for most of Saturday, like we needed more of it. The ground is saturated and water is standing in puddles everywhere. And we have more forecast for today. The rain didn’t really impact us because we’ve been busy labeling and stuffing envelopes pretty much nonstop. Except [...]

Aug 232014

I say I’m “working” when I put a new issue of the Gypsy Journal together, but the truth is, all I’m really doing is sitting on my butt at my desk. That’s not really “work.” But now the real work begins. Yesterday afternoon we drove to Lebanon to pick up the new issue at R&L [...]

Break Out The Kayaks!

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Aug 222014

I had heard that parts of Gettysburg Farm RV Resort were subject to flooding when they get a lot of rain, but since we are parked on a gravel site with a gravel road, I wasn’t too worried about it. We’ve had a few showers while we’ve been here, but nothing to get excited about. [...]

It Can Be Paralyzing

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Aug 212014

Many times in the past we have shared a chuckle over my fear of bridges and my open admission that I’m a wimp when it comes to crossing high bridges. Especially narrow ones. If it is a four lane bridge and I can get into the inside lane I can handle it, but when we [...]