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Mar 192018

We had a busy weekend, and by the end of the day yesterday we had finished paneling one of the 50 foot long walls of the garage, except for trim pieces. Cutting the paneling to fit around the two windows was the most time-consuming part.

That’s the longest continual wall. The front and back are 20 feet wide, but much of the front is taken up by the big double garage door, and the back has a regular door and two windows on it.

The other long wall is attached to the house and broken up by double French doors leading into Terry’s loom room. There is also a work shelf along that wall, complete with a sink, and then there is the urinal. So while it take longer to do because of all the cutting we will have to do around windows and doors and such, we feel like we got a lot accomplished in just two days.

But that project is going to have to be on hold for a while, because we’ve got a busy week ahead of us. We both have chiropractor appointments this morning as well as on Wednesday, and Friday, and this afternoon I have an appointment at the VA Medical Clinic in Daytona Beach. Then tomorrow, Terry has an appointment with the eye doctor down in Titusville, and sometime Wednesday afternoon my cousin Berni Frees, her husband Rocky, and Rocky’s mom Shirley are stopping in to visit and spend the night before they head back to Michigan. I’m going to see if I can convince them to stay a little longer. It still cold in Michigan!

Somebody asked how my back was holding out with all this work we have been doing in the garage. Terry and I are both a bit stiff and sore, of course, which is to be expected when you take on a project like that, but overall I can’t complain. Three times a week chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Meloney Thomas at Coastal Integrative Healthcare have done wonders for me in a very short amount of time.

Something else that has helped a lot is my back’s new best friend. Last week the folks at Coastal Integrative Healthcare set Terry and I both up with these wonderful inflatable back braces from Disc Disease Solutions. They are amazing, and the second I put mine on and inflated it, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure come off of my lower back.

We wore them while we were working in the garage, and though they made it a little hard to bend over (like my big gut doesn’t make it difficult enough already), the comfort level they gave us was dramatic. Where has this thing been all my life? Weeks ago the VA was supposed to order me some sort of back brace, but it still hasn’t come in. I think I’ll just tell them tomorrow to cancel the order because I don’t need it any longer. I don’t see how it could possibly be more effective for me than the DDS 500. I would recommend that anybody dealing with back problems look into one of these braces. It’s a game changer for me.

With Bike Week over, hopefully traffic on our local roads will be a bit less congested. Of course, we still have a lot of spring break kids in the area, but most of them are at the beach soaking up the sun and getting drunk.

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Congratulations Aletrice Hughes, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Big Lake Lynching, the second book in my Big Lake mystery series. We had 67 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – I always wondered what the job application is like at Hooters. Do they just give you a bra and say, “Here, fill this out?

A Great Little Find

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Mar 182018

As I said in yesterday’s blog, using the self-drilling screws to attach the furring strips in our garage wasn’t working out, and I planned to get some carbide tipped drill bits to make drilling pilot holes easier. We have a great little family owned business just a mile or so from us called Anchor Hardware, […]

Mar 172018

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Mar 162018

I guess if you raise enough hell on social media and in a blog it gets things done, since yesterday we received our long awaited refund from SimpliSafe for the alarm system we returned weeks ago. It’s about time. The refund will just about cover the cost of all the material we bought to finish […]

Mar 152018

When we were in the process of furnishing our house I tried to rent a U-Haul trailer to avoid paying the delivery charges most of the local stores here have. That’s when I learned that if you have a Ford Explorer, you can’t rent a U-Haul trailer. Who knew? I guess it all goes back […]

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Mar 142018

In a blog post a few weeks ago titled What To Do? What To Do?, I said I was trying to decide whether to buy my wife’s husband a red Mustang fastback or a pontoon boat for Valentine’s Day. Apparently not everybody gets my sense of humor or could read between the lines, because three different […]

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The title of today’s blog says it all. After months of trying to get our SimpliSafe home security system to work, more calls to their tech support people that I could begin to count, where they insisted I jump through one hoop after another, replacing the network card, and trying four or five different base […]

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Mar 122018

Bike Week, spring break, and St. Patrick’s Day all at the same time. Talk about a wild and crazy trio! And you wonder why I’m not going anywhere near Daytona Beach for the next week or so? No, thank you, I’ll stay right here in our little town of Edgewater, where things are a bit […]

Mar 112018

Anybody with an interest in history and tradition owes it to themselves to make a trip to Annapolis, Maryland to tour the United States Naval Academy, where our country’s finest Naval officers have been trained for almost 170 years. Established as the Naval School in 1845 with a class of 50 midshipmen and seven professors, the […]

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When an old cowboy searching for stray cattle wandered into a 150 foot deep canyon in the middle of the Wyoming prairie and looked around him at the rugged landscape of alkali marshes, ominous caves, and steep cliffs, who can blame him for thinking he had stumbled into Hell’s half acre. From his perspective, it […]