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Kidney Kidnappers

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Sep 222014

Congratulations to Bryan Carbonnell, this week’s winner of the Gypsy Journal drawing for an audiobook of the Journals of Jacob and Hyde by my friend Randall Morris. Stay tuned, because a new contest starts soon!

When we checked in here at the Chesapeake Bay Thousand Trails a week ago the ranger had warned us that the Bluegrass By The Bay Festival was going be held over the weekend and that things would probably get pretty loud as the pickers and grinners played well into the night. No problem, we’re night owls anyway.

The festival wrapped up yesterday and from our viewpoint it was a nonevent. There were a lot of people here, but I guess we were parked far enough away from all the action that we never heard anything at all, except for one camper with a golf cart that cruised around well past midnight with a stereo blaring at full blast. And it wasn’t bluegrass music!

I think now that the festival is over and folks are headed back to work and their kids to school, things will slow down quite a bit around here.

For us, yesterday was another quiet day at home, spent with me writing and Terry doing some laundry and working on her loom. Today we’re going into Yorktown to meet longtime subscribers Ron and Verdis Knight for lunch, then we’ll stop at Yorktown Battlefield to get Terry’s National Parks Senior Pass. From there, if time allows, we’ll swing by the Williamsburg Outdoor World RV resort and drop off a sample bundle of Gypsy Journals.

And now, about today’s blog headline. A regular blog reader asked me to reassure his wife that RVing is safe. They are investigating fulltiming when they retire in a few years and have been shopping for a used RV for weekend trips in the meantime. But his wife came home from the beauty shop all freaked out the other day and told him there was no way she was going off into the middle of nowhere in an RV.

It seems that a woman at the shop told her that there are people who will strike up conversations with you in RV parks and then invite you into their motorhome where they have a surgical lab set up. They then proceed to drug you and harvest your organs and then go down the road and drop your body in the middle of nowhere. She said the cosmetologist told her “It’s been going on for years!” I assured her that this was just one more urban legend and that I’d think somebody would have noticed all those empty RVs sitting in campgrounds and all of the families of the victims who would have reported them missing.

Since we’re on such a gruesome subject, I’m about halfway through a book titled Coroner’s Journal: Forensics and the Art of Stalking Death and I am finding it fascinating. Written by Dr. Louis Cataldie, a medical examiner who stayed in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to deal with the many victims who lost their lives in the tragedy, the book tells the true story of that terrible incident as well as many of Dr. Cataldie’s other cases, including the victims of serial killers, accidents and his involvement in the Beltway Sniper case.


Thought For The Day – People know you for what you’ve done, not for what you plan to do.

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