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Christmas Came Early

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May 232018

Yeah, I know, it’s not even June yet, but when you’re semi-retired and don’t have a schedule, it can be any day of the week or any day of the year you want to be, can’t it? At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Yesterday afternoon Santa Claus pulled up to our place disguised as the FedEx man and delivered three Honda EU2200i 2200-watt portable inverter generators that I had ordered from Amazon.

And why did they deliver three generators? I originally planned on ordering two, but it’s always better to have a pair and a spare, isn’t it? Actually the third one is for our friend Jim Lewis. We are getting close to hurricane season here in Florida and we didn’t want to wait too long and discover they were out of stock when we needed them.

I was impressed with how fast they got here because when I ordered them late last week I was told they wouldn’t arrive until Friday. I was also impressed with how helpful the young FedEx delivery man was. Because our house sits on a corner lot, our physical address is actually the side with the carport that leads into my office. But the front of the house is where our large parking apron and garage are. Don’t ask me why it’s that way, I’m not the one that numbered the streets around here.

So when he pulled up on the street in front of the carport I asked if he would mind driving around the corner and dropping them off in front of our garage so I wouldn’t have to lug them all that way. He said no problem, he’d carry them over for me. By the time I went through the house and got the garage door open he had one there and was on his way back to his truck to get a second one. That’s good service! I wish all companies went the extra mile for their customers that way.

Speaking of companies that go out of their way to accommodate their customers, the Publix grocery store chain is also one of our favorites, and it is where we do all of our shopping. The stores are always clean and well laid out, their employees go out of their way to be helpful, and they do a lot for the community, such as supporting many charitable causes. Last year, when Hurricane Irma knocked out power to so many in the area, our local Publix had a couple dozen charging cables plugged in so people could come and charge their cell phones and tablets when they needed to at no cost. That doesn’t seem like a big thing, but if there’s no electricity, it means a lot.

Still, even Publix doesn’t get it right all of the time. I read an article yesterday about how a Publix grocery store in South Carolina took it upon themselves to censor a greeting on a cake for a student who graduated Summa Cum Laude (Latin for with great honor). Apparently the software that Publix uses to take orders for their cakes decided that Cum meant… well, you know. After the young man’s mother explained what the message was about, she thought everything was fine. Nope. When they opened the cake at the graduation party, this is what they got. Three dashes instead of the offending word.

Like I said, we like shopping at Publix, but after reading the story, I have to wonder how many of their people graduated Summa Cum Laude. Probably not very many.

I hate to think what those folks would do if they ever saw this chain of convenience stores in the Midwest!

Thought For The Day – I tried to kill a spider with glitter body spray. Now it won’t stop stripping and it says I have to call it Cinnamon

No Immediate Plans

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May 222018

I wasn’t surprised that three or four people contacted me after reading yesterday’s blog to tell me they were so excited that Terry and I are going to be RVing again, at least on a part-time basis. Obviously¬†they didn’t read the entire blog, or else they have short-term memory loss. I’m not sure which. So, […]

May 212018

Let’s have a little experiment today. I’m going to tell you three things and write a short paragraph about each of them. Only one of those things is true. It’s up to you to decide which one it is. Okay, ready to play? 1) I seldom play the lottery because the odds of winning are […]

May 202018

After reading yesterday’s blog post about my friend Jim Lewis and I installing a ceiling fan in our garage, a longtime reader from the Gypsy Journal and the blog, who attended several of our RV rallies, wanted me to tell about the time I was assaulted by a ceiling fan. Okay, but be forewarned. You […]

Another Project Done

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May 192018

My goal on Thursday was to get another 5,000 words done on my new Big Lake book since I’m behind schedule and trying to catch up. But it always seems like when I’m in a situation like that the gremlins go to work overtime. My Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation program suddenly began putting the type on […]

Getting Prepared

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May 182018

Hurricane season officially begins here in Florida on June 1. That doesn’t mean we are going to have a hurricane of course, just that we are in the season when they are more likely to form. Some prognosticators are saying that they expect at least fourteen named tropical storms and hurricanes in 2018, and of […]

May 172018

Lately I have been hearing from people asking me to promote their life coaching business to my readers. Apparently that’s the hot new thing to make a living without really working while you travel the country. Interestingly enough, none of them have spent much time, if any, on the road. Only one of them actually […]

May 162018

¬†We have all heard of sleepwalking, and maybe we’ve experienced it ourselves, or with our children at some time. But did you know that there is such a thing as sleep driving? There is. If you don’t believe me, check out this article on the Psychology Today website. And while sleep driving seems to be […]

Six Out Of Eight

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May 152018

I wanted to give you an update on our erosion control project. In a blog a few days ago I said that we tried sinking the first two 5-foot lengths of PVC pipe into the ground and got them down a foot or so and ran into rock or something and couldn’t pound them in […]

A Great Unplanned Day

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May 142018

We were supposed to get a lot of rain yesterday and since we have been busy for several days in a row, Terry and I decided to just have a laid-back stay-at-home do-nothing day. That was the plan. But you know what they always say – if you want to hear God laugh, just make […]