About The Gypsy Journal

We are fulltime RVers – our only home is the Winnebago Ultimate Advantage diesel motorhome we travel the country in. We produce the Gypsy Journal in our bus as we travel, using a desktop Dell computer and an HP LaserJet printer. We also use a Dell and a Toshiba laptop computers as a backup. We have installed two custom desk units in our motorhome, and format the newspaper for printing electronically. Photography is handled with a Canon Rebel digital camera. I (Nick) do most of the writing, while Miss Terry write her excellent recipe column, handles proofing and editing duties, and distribution. Terry also handles the bookkeeping and administrative duties.




We gather our articles as we travel, writing them as we go. When it’s time to produce the newspaper, we find a comfortable RV park or some other place to work and spend a few days putting it all together.

Printing of the Gypsy Journal is done by newspaper production plants close to wherever we may be when it’s time to go to press. Different newspapers use different size printing presses, which in turn use different size paper. This means that while we try to retain the same format from issue to issue, occasional issues may vary slightly in page dimensions, though we always retain the tabloid format. We feel the tabloid size gives us the most bang for our buck, allows us to get a lot of information in each issue, and is easy for readers to manage. We publish six times a year – January-February, March- April, May-June, etc. Because of our traveling schedule (or lack thereof), and because we have to work with different printing plants, we don’t always get printed on the same days of the month. But we try to have the Gypsy Journal in the mail to subscribers by the last week of the month preceding the current the issue date. This is sometimes difficult to do, since we are not on any one newspaper’s regular production schedule. We sometimes have to cool our heels and wait for a press opening.





We communicate with the outside world with e-mail and snail mail. We try to check our e-mail at least every other day when we are on the road. We have a Verizon air card, so we can access our e-mail and surf the Internet even while dry camping miles from the nearest electrical or telephone connection.  We move around a lot, so if you write, don’t feel ignored if it takes a while to get back to you – you will get an answer. Regular (snail) mail is forwarded to us on a weekly basis.


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We try very hard not to have a fixed itinerary – we spent too many years with tight schedules and don’t ever again want to deal with the stress of having to be somewhere at a given time if we can avoid it. We usually have a general idea where we may be headed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll get there anytime soon. Our inner children are a whimsical duo. If we find a place we like, we may spend a week or even two, but we’re just as likely to be heading down the highway the next morning.
The Gypsy Journal is our business – it’s how we earn the money we need to keep on traveling. We accept advertising, but we don’t usually want to spend enough time in one place to invest the time needed to sell many ads. If you are interested in display advertising, please drop us a line or e-mail us at Editor@GypsyJournal.net and we’ll be happy to contact you.